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Constitutional Animal Law: U.S. and International Frameworks

Total Credits: 1 including 1 General

Animal Law |  Constitutional Law |  International Law
Dr. Rajesh Reddy
Course Levels:
1 Hour
Audio and Video
Original Program Date :
May 07, 2019
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This CLE offers an introduction to how the interests of animals are contemplated at the constitutional level in the United States and abroad. Special attention is paid to deconstructing and comparing animal protections at the highest levels with a focus on key limitations and trends over time. In addition, this CLE scrutinizes landmark rulings to illustrate how animal protections in the U.S. and abroad have come into direct and indirect conflict with human-centric constitutional guarantees, with apex courts having to balance a growing interest in animal welfare with existing law. Just a few of the jurisdictions whose developments in this area that are covered in this CLE include: The United States; England; Spain; India; Egypt; Switzerland; South Africa; and others.



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Director, Animal Law LL.M. Program

Center for Animal Law Studies

Dr. Rajesh K. Reddy directs the Animal Law LLM program at the Center for Animal Law Studies at Lewis & Clark Law School. As a professor at the Center for Animal Law Studies, the courses he currently teaches include Animal Law Fundamentals, Animal Legal Philosophy, Comparative International Animal Law, Introduction to US Animal Legal Studies, and the advanced Graduate Animal Law LLM Seminars in the fall and spring. Dr. Reddy also serves on the campus-wide Committee on Diversity and Inclusion and as a campus Sexual Assault Resource Advocate. Outside of Lewis & Clark, Dr. Reddy chairs the Animal Law Section of the Oregon State Bar and sits as a board member of Encompass and Minding Animals International.


Prior to joining CALS, Dr. Reddy earned his J.D. from Lewis & Clark and his Ph.D. from the University of Georgia, where his dissertation scrutinized the relationship between human and nonhuman animal rights in postcolonial literature and politics. He has also served as Co-Editor in Chief of the Animal Law Review and Co-Director of Lewis & Clark’s Student Animal Legal Defense Fund Chapter. He has advanced human and nonhuman protections as part of his work for nonprofit organizations, including the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Criminal Justice Program and the Human Rights Law Network in New Delhi, India. Prior to pursuing his legal career, Dr. Reddy served as an Associate Instructor at Indiana University and as a Writer-in-Residence at Interlochen Center for the Arts.

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